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Custom ADA Braille Signs: Add Bling, Color Edition!

Motivate Gym, a custom branded Fitness Room ADA Compliant Sign

A common question we get about ADA signs is about color. Customers are often surprised to learn that their required Braille signs don’t have to be blue. Besides having color choices, you can add elements to ADA signage to identify your brand, compliment your area’s design, or personalize the area.  So, let’s get down to business and C.U.T. through the general idea that your Braille signs have to be blue.  We are going to be looking at a recent branded Braille sign for Motivate Gym as a great example of what you can do with your Braille signs. 

Color | Feeling Blue? Not Anymore.

When we first started speaking with the owner, he was pleasantly surprised that his current ADA signs could be updated to include his branding.

His branding includes orange, which tends to vibrate against certain colors of blue, and he was looking for a better way to display his Braille Signs. Our ADA design team assured him that the blue Braille sign (digital rendering displayed) was not the fate of his new sign. 

Remember, as long as an ADA sign has the required contrast for visibility; there’s no limit to the colors that can be used. We manufacture our ADA signs using a UV LED printer, which means we can print any color/colors you need. If you are looking to learn more about custom colors, check out our recent blog post: Show Some Style With ADA Signs!

Unique Elements | Logos, Statements, & Branding

Base for Motivate Gym

Since his branding includes orange, black, and white we thought it would be fitting to incorporate those same colors into his Braille Signs. With our technology, we were able to PMS Color Match those colors from the logo provided. 

Now we have a blank slate to add Unique Elements such as his logo, symbol, and even a personal quote. Each element was confirmed to match color contrast to maintain ADA requirements. 

Texture | It’s Okay to Stand Out

For this piece, we used a little texture, but that is a possibility when designing your Braille sign. The logo included minor texture to give visual depth. Our next post for our Custom ADA Signs Series will include more information about textures and examples.

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Now that we have covered the C and U in our C.U.T. process for blue Braille signs I thought it would be worth taking a look at a few of the final pieces for Motivate Gym. Especially since we have been looking at digital renderings though this post. 

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