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What’s Wrong with this Picture? In Case of Fire Sign

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Photograph of In Case of Fire Use Stairs with missing letters

ADA Stairwell Signage

As we all know, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has precise rules and regulations when it comes to ADA signage, and there are additional rules that must be followed at the state level. Since there can be multiple layers of rules, we sometimes see signs which do not meet the required standards due to lack of knowledge or signs not being updated. 

Although, there is another culprit that causes ADA signs to no longer meet requirements. Take a moment (if you haven’t already) at our recent finding of an ADA sign that needs a little help. This photo was taken in California at a large venue; is in a high traffic area and is missing some of the lettering.

In a previous post, we discussed our technology and how it allows us to use Color Approximation to best match a current ADA sign with your new sign. Let’s say that this ADA sign was branded per company standards and they need it to look the same. Alpha Dog ADA Signs would be able to take a sample of the old signage and Color Approximate the base color (blue), the fire (red), and the text/pictograph (white) and produce a similar (if not exact) replacement sign. 

Important Information About the In Case of Fire Stairwell Sign

Using the correct ADA and Fire Code Compliant Signage required by modern building codes has dramatically reduced the loss of life and property in commercial properties.

The wording and layout of the ADA-1034 sign from ADA sign Depot must meet current International Fire Code (IFC) and ADA regulations.   

IFC (International Fire Code) 607.2: Emergency signs. An approved pictorial sign of a standardized design shall be posted adjacent to each elevator call station on all floors instructing occupants to use the exit stairways and not to use the elevators in case of fire. Consider including Grade 2 Braille to make your sign more accessible and check with your local inspector to make sure it is not required.

Depending on where your business is located your Fire Codes may be slightly different. Example of Los Angles, CA (Fire Code 2018).

Tips for Keeping Up with Your ADA Signage

No matter the size of your building or the amount of staff you have, it is always good to have a reminder to check out your ADA signage. Since it is easy to forget about your signs or if you have a lot of traffic it is always good to make sure that you are making your business accessible to everyone. 

At Alpha Dog ADA Signs, we would suggest:

  • Setting a Review Date Every Three Weeks to Make Sure your Signage is not damaged
  • Creating a list of where your ADA signage is, so you don’t miss any on your review
  • Keep One to Two spares of signs that are in high traffic areas or signs which you have seen damaged more frequently
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