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Custom ADA Signs: Add Some Bling, Layout Edition!

Close up of layers ADA compliant room sign 6x12

We’ve been talking a lot about custom ADA signs and how you can do more with the color, texture, and even adding logos. Very minor changes to these signs can make a big difference in how the sign is viewed or how it makes a space feel. See how a custom sign layout can make a difference!

Step One: Breaking Down the layers of a Custom ADA Sign

Breaking down the sign, pieces of the sign displayed

Sign Size: 6″ x 12″

Sign Pieces: 3 (black base, top piece, & bottom piece)

Framed: Yes (displayed far left)

The black base is used as the foundation for the top two pieces since we are going to be using the pieces to create a layered dimension. 

Step Two: Top Piece & Bottom Piece

Layer One top base and bottom base

Base Material for Pieces: Antique Ivory

Top Piece: This part of the sign is strictly used for additional visual enhancement. The texture is printed slightly raised and the 206 has been laser engraved.  

Bottom Piece: This is what makes our sign ADA compliant… the Tactile 206 and the Grade 2 Braille.  

Step Three: Putting the Sign Together

Layers with black base to add depth

Can you tell? The base size of the sign in a 6″ x 12″, but the pieces that are to be placed on it are slightly shorter due to the wave that separates the two pieces. 

To make sure that the pieces are properly placed (you don’t want your custom ADA sign uneven), the bottom part has to be aligned to the bottom of the base and the top piece is aligned to the top part of the base. This leaves us with our colored wave between the two.

Step Four: The Sign and the Frame

6x12 sign put together next to frame

Now that we’ve placed are pieces correctly and the adhesion has dried; the last thing to do is frame the ADA sign. 

Step Five: Final

custom ada sign Room ID put together in frame

There is a lot one can do with their ADA compliant signs. The first step is deciding if a custom ADA sign would bring additional benefits to the space where they are displayed, in addition to making the space accessible to all. Some of these additional benefits include, brand recognition, making a space more visually appealing (while still being compliant), or letting your visitors or customers know that you took the time to make sure that every detail (even those ADA signs) were taken care of.

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