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Directional Customizer

Standard or Custom Signs?

A web search for “ADA compliant room signs” gives results for the standard, basic ADA sign, and if you’ve been on our website, you know that Alpha Dog offers many of those standard signs. But what about those custom signs we’ve been showing you, or even making simple changes like adding a left/right arrow, standard ISA/active ISA (handicap symbols), or different pictogram options (man, woman, family, etc.)?

Currently, customers have to reach out to our Customer Service Team about creating a custom ADA compliant sign. 

Check out the Alpha Dog ADA Signs’ Sign Gallery / Portfolio for more custom & standard ADA compliant signs. 

Why does it matter?

2019 will be a big year for Alpha Dog ADA Signs! We are putting the finishing touches and testing out our new website functions that will let you add your colors, textures, logos, and graphics without having to wait for a custom quote. We are even working on some custom shaped ADA compliant signs.

Getting the sign you need just got a little easier!

With the new customizer, you will be able to:

  • Add a Left or Right Arrow (see below)
  • Choose from a variety of base colors to choose from (it doesn’t need to be blue)
  • Choose Thickness, Corner Style, & Mounting Types
  • Add other design details to enhance the overall sign

As we get closer to launching the new website and configurator, we will go into detail on how you can build the ADA compliant sign you need.

Customize with a Single Click!

Adding and removing directional arrows…

The Alpha Dog Team is excited to showcase the first component of our New and Improved Configurator, aka the Customizer. 

Have questions about the Customizer? Reach out to our Team of ADA experts!

Phone: (888) 586-7154
Fax: (916) 756-4624


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