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Customizer – Components and Pricing

Customizer - Components and Pricing

Welcome back to another look at the new Alpha Dog ADA Signs Product Customizer. Today we are going to be looking at some of the components which affect the total price of the ADA Compliant Sign. 

Options from components that will affect the price are:

  • Material Collection > Brushed Metals Collection *Formally known as Brushed Stainless Collection
  • Material Collection > Wood Grain Collection
  • Grain Direction > Vertical or Horizontal (both in Brushed Metals & Wood Grain Collection)
         * Grain direction: Affects ALL signs in the order having the same grain direction 
  • Base Thickness > 1/8″
  • Colored Braille > White or Black
  • Mounting > Pilot Screw Holes, Velcro Dots, Magnetic Strip, & Standoffs

Looking for more information about the Customizer? Check them out below!

Have questions about the Customizer? Reach out to our Team of ADA experts!

Phone: (888) 586-7154
Fax: (916) 756-4624


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