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Custom ADA Signs: Designing with an Idea

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Today, Alpha Dog ADA Signs has endless options when it comes to products and hardware which we have available to design and develop our customers’ signs.

Leveraging these different design styles and fabrication techniques are what will make your ADA signage stand out among the rest.


Sometimes you just need those standard ADA compliant signs, but there are those instances where you may want or need something different.

Designing with an Idea, different sign types

Our team of ADA experts are here to help make designing ADA signs easy!


Most ADA Compliant Signs we see have a single-colored base with tactile, Braille, and pictograms, if needed. Some unique mounting options and add-ons can give signs an exceptional finish.

Acrylic with Satin Silver Stand-offs


Stand-offs come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and finishes.

The stand-offs are great for enhancing the visual depth of your sign and creating stunning layers.

Custom ADA Exit Sign with Tactile and Grade 2 Braille in a Frame


Frames are a great way to display your signs in a simple and elegant fashion.

You are also able to create slider signs with the use of specific frames.

Layered ADA Room Sign Custom


Using different colors and shapes in combination with one another can create visual depth that can help your sign stand out, especially when using various angles. View our blog post on layers here!

Sign with layers, including brushed stainless and black ADA Alternative

Adding layers is a great way to give a sign depth. Using the brushed stainless base allows for our laser engraved “B” and the fox icon to stand out against the black backdrop.


ADA Compliant Room ID with Slider and other design elements labeled
Design Tips – Looking at the possibilities

The first step to designing a beautiful ADA sign is having an idea of where you want to go, keeping in mind that if your sign requires tactile and Braille that there may be certain limits to the design.

Many companies have brands with predefined colors and graphics which can be used to create stunning designs with just a few simple changes.

Custom Designed ADA Compliant Signs
ADA compliant fitness room sign and ADA compliant all gender shower sign
Sign 8×8 | Layered
Sign 8×8 | Back Print
Orange Theory Fitness signs labeled with different design elements
Sign 12×12 | Custom Elements


We understand having all of these options can be overwhelming, especially when you are trying to meet deadlines or have a large quantity of signs you have to purchase.

If you have any questions about mounting options, custom projects, standard projects, large sign projects, or even small sign projects, the team at Alpha Dog ADA Signs is here to help! Visit our website or call the number below to request a quote from us.

CALL: (888) 586-7154

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