Color Options

At Alpha Dog ADA Signs, we strive to offer our customers the best options when ordering their ADA signs.

We are excited to offer Custom Color Options that meet ADA requirements and Common ADA Compliant Color Options

Custom Color Options

There are actually thousands of additional color combinations we can provide for those times when you need the signs to match the paint, the carpet or your favorite color of green. So not only can you get our standard color ADA signs, but you can also request custom signs made from any of the custom color options listed above.

Looking for more color combinations. View the ADA Color Contrast Guide

Color Matching Your Signs to Fit Brand Guidelines

Now more than ever it is important that all aspects of your business highlight your brand, even your ADA Signs. With the help of our ADA Experts and Design Experts we can help you custom brand your ADA Signs and still be compliant.

PMS Match

Have a specific/existing color you need to match, no problem. With our printing technology, we're able to match any PMS or current color.

Love Your Old Sign but Need a New One?

We understand how hard it is to replace those ADA signs that you love. The Alpha Dog ADA Signs Team is proud to provide our color match service to make sure you always have those loved ADA signs looking brand new.

Contact Us to get a started on your custom ADA Signage project today!


Custom Color Options, Exit Sign Motivate Gym

Custom Color Options, Exit Sign Flower Pattern


Common Color Options

On our website we only offer/display the most common (and ADA compliant) color options for our standard ADA signs. The main reason being it would take quite a bit of work to get all the various color combinations loaded and displaying properly. And to make things easier, we've included PMS values for your reference.

Also, and most important - color may not display accurately depending on your device. So, for situations where you need to be absolutely sure of the color you're getting, contact us for free color samples (up to 5 free swatches).

tick.gif = Standard Color

Custom and Common ADA Compliant Signs




alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-red.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-burgundy.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-canyon.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-orange.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-yellow.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-bright-green.png
alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-pine-green.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-black-forest-green.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-bahama-blue.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-china-blue.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-blue.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-airforce-blue.png
alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-marine-blue.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-antique-ivory.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-sand.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-ash.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-parchmnent.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-sandalwood.png
alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-bright-white.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-light-grey.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-pearl-grey.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-driftwood.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-grey.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-silver-grey.png
alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-charcoal-grey.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-cinder.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-beige.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-candlewick.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-taupe.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-dark-brown.png
alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-medium-brown.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-black.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-copper.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-deep-bronze.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-gold.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-silver.png
alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-graphite.png alpha-dog-ada-signs-color-options-clear.png