Sometimes You Need Other Colors for Your ADA Signs!

There are a lot of options when it comes to the colors you can choose for your ADA signs. We offer a collection of standard colors through our ADA Alternative Collection, but we do have more options if you need something a little different.

All of our sign bases are made from high-quality, UV stable material from Rowmark ADA Alternative collection set, durable Rowmark Brushed Metals Collection, Rowmark Wood Grain Collection, or if you are looking to use our Color Matching process for PMS colors Alpha Dog ADA Signs is here to help!

What are you looking for?

Standard Color Collection Icon

The ADA Alternative Collection

Rowmark Series
ADA Alternative Substrate & Applique

Durable, UV stable material; The ADA Alternative Collection includes the standard color selection used for many ADA signs, along with additional colors.

Brushed Metals Collection Icon

The Brushed Metals Collection

Rowmark Series
MetalGraph Plus +

Durable, lightweight, UV stable material; The Brushed Metals Collection includes brushed stainless steel, brushed copper, and brushed gold.

Color Approximation Icon

Color Approximation Process

Alpha Dog Process
PMS Color Approximation

Durable, UV stable material; The Color Matching process prints on our Standard Rowmark Materials to approximate the requested PMS color.

Wood Grain Collection Icon

Wood Grain Collection

Rowmark Series
Microsurfaced Impact Acrylic

Durable, lightweight, UV stable material; The Wood Grain Collection includes Cashew, Cinnamon Stick, and Kona.

Color Options Page - Standard Collection from Alpha Dog ADA Signs

The ADA Alternative Collection

On our website, we only offer/display the most common (and ADA compliant) color options for our standard ADA signs. The main reason being it would take quite a bit of work to get all the various color combinations loaded and displaying correctly. And to make things easier, we’ve included PMS values for your reference.

Also, and most important – color may not display accurately depending on your device. So, for situations where you need to be absolutely sure of the color you’re getting, contact us for free color samples (up to 5 free swatches).

View Entire ADA Alternative Collection Options

Check Mark = Standard Color

    • Red - PMS 187C - Rowmark
      Burgundy - PMS 1817C - Rowmark
      Canyon - PMS 492C - Rowmark
      Orange - PMS 1595C - Rowmark
    • Yellow - PMS 109C - Rowmark
      Bright Green - PMS 347C - Rowmark
      Pine Green - PMS 3292C - Rowmark
      Hunter Green - Rowmark
    • Black Forest Green - PMS 417C - Rowmark
      Bahama Blue - PMS 7474C - Rowmark
      Blue - PMS 301C - Rowmark
      Sapphire - Rowmark
    • Light Blue - Rowmark
      Coastal Blue - Rowmark
      China Blue - PMS 7545C - Rowmark
      Slate - Rowmark
    • Marine Blue - PMS 2965C - Rowmark
      Airforce Blue - PMS 282C - Rowmark
      Ultra Violet - Rowmark
      Antique Ivory - PMS 7506C - Rowmark
    • Sand - PMS 7604C - Rowmark
      Parchment - PMS 7534C - Rowmark
      Sandalwood - PMS 4309C - Rowmark
      Bright White - PMS Trans. White - Rowmark
    • Cool Grey - PMS 1C - Rowmark
      Pearl Grey - PMS 4C - Rowmark
      Driftwood - PMS 404C - Rowmark
      Grey Flannel - Rowmark
    • Grey - PMS Cool Gray 9C - Rowmark
      Silver Grey - PMS 7C - Rowmark
      Charcoal Grey - PMS 425C - Rowmark
      Cinder - PMS 411C - Rowmark
    • Beige - PMS 8021C - Rowmark
      Candlewick - PMS 7528C - Rowmark
      Putty - Rowmark
      Taupe - PMS 409C - Rowmark
    • Dark Brown - PMS 412C - Rowmark
      Medium Brown - PMS 7518C - Rowmark
      Black - PMS 6C - Rowmark
      Copper - PMS NA - Rowmark
    • Deep Bronze - PMS NA - Rowmark
      Gold - PMS NA - Rowmark
      Silver - PMS NA - Rowmark
      Graphite - PMS NA - Rowmark
    • Clear - PMS Trans. White - Rowmark
Color Options Page - Brushed Stainless Collection from Alpha Dog ADA Signs

The Brushed Metals Collection

In addition to our other color collections, we wanted to provide a color/material collection that is lightweight, flexible, durable, and looks excellent for a fraction of the cost. With our Brushed Metals Collection, you can get that great look of brushed metals* without the weight or the additional cost of real steel. These signs are easy to clean, UV stable and great for both indoor and outdoor location.

*PLEASE NOTE: These are NOT metal signs. Each brushed metal sign is made using micro-surface impact acrylic which has an integrated hard coat and sub-surface brushed metal finish.

View Entire Brushed Stainless Collection Options

The Wood Grain Collection

In addition to our other color collections, we wanted to provide another color/material collection that is modern, lightweight, durable, and looks amazing for a fraction of the cost. With our Wood Grain Collection, you can get that great look of wood grain* without the weight or the additional cost of real wood. These signs are easy to clean, UV stable and great for both indoor and outdoor location.

*PLEASE NOTE: These are NOT wood signs. Each wood grain sign is made using microsurfaced impact acrylic.

View Entire Wood Grain Collection Options

  • Cinnamon Stick Wood Grain Color
  • Kona Wood Grain Color
  • Cashew Wood Grian Color
Color Matching Process (Color Approximation) | Alpha Dog ADA Signs

Color Approximation Process

Now more than ever it is essential that all aspects of your business highlight your brand, even your ADA Signs. With the help of our ADA Experts and Design Experts, we can help you custom brand your ADA Signs and still be compliant.

With our Color Approximation Process, we can take your PMS or current color and get a close match (sometimes exact) due to the PMS to CMYK conversions. If you want to learn more about our process in detail, read our recent post, What Does PMS Color Approximation Mean and What is the Process?

Custom Colored Signs

Our Team of ADA Experts have put together some custom ADA signs which you can change the color, add your logo too, and even add textures. Our goal is to provide you with both standard layouts and custom layouts in case you are looking for something special.

If you are looking for custom ADA compliant signs, you can find them in the Custom ADA Signs portion of the Shop Page.

Love Your Old Sign But Need A New One?

We understand how hard it is to replace those ADA signs that you love. With our Color Matching service, the Alpha Dog ADA Signs Team is proud to help you keep your beloved signs looking brand new.

Contact Us to get a started on your custom ADA Signage project today!

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