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Why Do You Need Exit Signs?

So why do you need that tactile Exit, Exit Route and Emergency Exit Signs? In short, it's the law. Specifically, the IBC (International Building Code) requires a tactile “EXIT” sign adjacent to the door to an egress stairway, an exit passageway, and the exit discharge (§1011.3, §1003.2.10.3 – 2000 addresses doors to egress stairways only).

ADA Standards

In addition, the ADA Standards include a similar requirement. For example, it requires visual and tactile exit signs at doors at exit stairways, exit passageways, and exit discharge (§216.4.1). (An exit passageway is a horizontal component of an exit that is separated from interior building spaces by fire-resistance-rated construction that leads to the exit discharge or public way.)

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ADA Braille Exit Sign – 6×6