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Alpha Dog's ADA Restroom Sign Solutions

On July 26th, 1990, the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law. Less than twenty years later, Alpha Dog ADA Signs went live for business. Monday through Friday, we assist our customers nationwide with their ADA compliance. We are the Alpha Dog experts of the ADA Standards of Accessible Design! Take our word for it… No ADA signage production order is complete without your ADA restroom signs. No matter what visual variation you are looking for:     You can trust that we have all the right materials, equipment, and knowledge to produce exactly what you need by the time you need them.  

Quality Materials and Sign Specifications

Although ADA compliance can seem rather technical and specific, we are happy to inform you that your creative freedom is not completely barred. Standard ADA restroom signs ordered directly from our website have twenty popular preset base color options available to choose from. However, this simple, streamlined order processing is not all that Alpha Dog ADA Signs is limited to.   Utilizing our top of the line Direct Color Systems (DCS) 7200z Printers, our Trotec Speedy 400 Laser Engraver, and our Rowmark substrates (i.e. — base materials), the customization of your ADA restroom signs is almost limitless! Choose from our Standard ADA Alternative matte finish color collection or checkout Rowmark’s other product lines for your ADA restroom sign customization inspiration. Thinking even further outside the box? Need your ADA restroom signs to really pop!? Custom signage starts at only a 20% price increase and opens up thousands of new design options for you.  

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All Standard ADA Restroom Signs Are:

  • Interior and exterior rated for superb, long-lasting, and versatile signage options;
  • Made with impact modified acrylic (i.e. — pliable) substrates with a base thickness of either 1/16″ or 1/8″;
  • Printed on with UV cured CMYK ink for both 2D and tactile pictograms and text;
  • Purchased with either rounded or square corners; and
  • Produced with optional foam tape (most popular!) or screw hole mounting (additional custom mounting options are available upon request).
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