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What Does PMS Color Match Mean And What is The Process?

Photograph of an ADA complaint room number sign which was printed with the color approximating process
So, why are we talking about color matching? In our recent blog posts, we discussed adding custom colors (like branded colors) to your ADA Signage. It is essential to understand what goes into PMS Color Matching or Color Approximating depending on the machinery which the sign is printed on.  To warn you this post might get a little technical,...

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Technology Update: Direct Color Systems (DCS) Receives the Third Patent for ADA-Compliant/Braille Sign Printing Process

close up of DCS printer printing multiple blue restroom signs
When it comes to the technology Alpha Dog ADA Signs believes that along with a finely tuned process, having the correct machinery to complete the process is the key. We are excited to announce that DCS received their third patent which gives us the comfort that we are utilizing a system that is leading edge and ensures ADA compliance.  We love them so much that we...

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