Do you have a safety signage plan?

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Safety Signage should be part of your Reopening Plan!

Whether you are a small business trying to get customers to feel safe and confident coming back to your store, or a school considering resuming in person instruction, it is always smart to have a plan. Safety signage is key in communicating your reopening messages. To protect your employees, your customers, your students and staff, not to mention your revenue, you must have a plan! Secondly, you should have a trusted resource to help you execute that plan.

The American Federation of Teachers has put forth science based guidance for reopening schools. “The blueprint acknowledges Americans’ eagerness to return to some semblance of “normal.” But to do so, we must meet an unprecedented challenge: figuring out how to re-imagine our society and the physical places we hold dear—public schools, places of worship, workplaces, restaurants and more—in ways that put our ultimate priorities first: the safety and well-being of working families, especially front line workers, and the economic health of society.”

You can read the document here.

They emphasize that involving everyone in the planning process helps individual workplaces and communities face their unique challenges related to COVID-19. To ensure that reopening plans address those challenges, worker and community involvement is vital. Your team must be engaged, educated and empowered.

Here at Alpha Dog ADA signs, we are your trusted resource for safety signage.

We manufacture high quality, durable signage right here in our California manufacturing facility. And, we source materials from American suppliers. All of us at Alpha Dog ADA signs want you to be able to get back to what YOU do best, so let us help you plan. We have easy online ordering for safety signage. However, if you need help knowing which signs and how many you might need, just give us a call! Several states have issued mandates for safety signage. Please follow your State and Local guidance, and we wish you a very successful, safe reopening!

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