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You don’t have to be an ADA expert to know that complying with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) is not always as easy as it sounds. Providing accommodations, like Braille signage for example, can require significant time and resources. Alpha Dog ADA Signs™ has your back! Our team of tactile sign experts brings years of experience providing sign solutions for all types of industries. Shop our online ADA Braille signage store today all your tactile signage needs. We serve virtually all industries including hotels, school, corporate, military, restaurants, apartments, hospital and more. Plus with our years of ADA signage experience, you’ll never have a Braille sign problem again!

Not to mention, our fast and free shipping service makes ordering ADA Braille signs a cinch. With tons of options for bathroom signage, exit signs, stairwell signs and office signs (just to name a few), Alpha Dog ADA Signs has the tactile sign that’s perfect for every business. We also have a couple of blog posts that may be useful. First, if you’re not sure if you even need an ADA Braille sign, check out this blog post on which rooms need ADA Signage. Second, if you’re note sure where to install your signs, check out this blog post on ADA sign installation requirements.
Besides, we get it. Whenever the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is mentioned, most people cringe at all of the legal jargon and strict regulations. The truth is many public places in communities across America do not abide by these guidelines to keep everyone safe. If you want to be proactive about staying within compliance standards while still creating a welcoming environment for your customers, look no further than our variety of quality and compliant Alpha Dog ADA Signs.

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