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Do you have a safety signage plan?

Safety Signage should be part of your Reopening Plan! Whether you are a small business trying to get customers to feel safe and confident coming back to your store, or a school considering resuming in person instruction, it is always smart to have a plan. Safety signage is key in communicating your reopening messages. To […]

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Do You Need Pictograms on Your ADA Signs?

It may come as a surprise, but not every ADA sign needs to include a pictogram. There is actually a lot of flexibility when it comes to ADA signs and the design of the pictogram. But first, what is a pictogram? ‘Pictogram’ is a term used in the signage world. A pictogram is an image […]

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California Updates Workplace Lactation Room Requirements

Effective in January 2019, California Assembly Bill 1976 amended Labor Code Section 1031 to match federal FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) requirements, signed into law on March 23, 2010 (United States Department of Labor) that lactation areas must be somewhere other than a restroom. The California Lactation Accommodate [1030 – 1033] Law applies to all employers […]

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PMS Color Matching – What Does It Mean?

So, why are we talking about color matching? In our recent blog posts, we discussed adding custom colors (like branded colors) to your ADA Signage. It is essential to understand what goes into PMS Color Matching or Color Approximating depending on the machinery which the sign is printed on. To warn you this post might […]

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5 Reasons Your ADA Braille Signs are Not Compliant

Every day, ADA compliant signs are designed, specified, and fabricated. Some of these signs are fabricated right and others not so much. The guidelines for ADA signs are not that complicated, but there are key requirements that must be followed to meet ADA signage standards. The problems we see with non-compliant signs comes from one […]

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The Mystery of California Title 24 Restroom Door Signs

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about the Federal Rules and Regulations of ADA Restroom signs. This week we want to get into California State-specific regulations, Chapter 11B, section 07 of the California Building Code, and help ensure you are compliant in the Golden State. Specifically, why you need to also have a CA […]

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ADA Sign Colors – What Are My Options?

It’s officially Spring. The storms have passed, and warm colors are starting to show. All of this vibrancy has got us thinking about other things in beautiful color — YOUR ADA SIGNS IN COLOR CONTRAST!! Did you know that color contrast plays a big role in creating ADA compliant signage? So big of a rule […]

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Quick Guide to Avoid a $75k ADA Fine

On March 28th, 2014, the U.S Department of Justice released a Final Rule, that would increase the maximum civil penalty for a first violation under title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) from $55,000 to $75,000. A second fine could cost you upwards of $150,000! The cost of a civil penalty fine […]

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What Rooms Are Required to Have ADA Braille Signs?

So the question – what rooms require ADA Braille signs? The simple answer: permanent rooms and spaces. The rules apply to signs that provide designations, labels, or names for interior rooms or spaces where the sign is not likely to change – ADA Restroom Signs, ADA Office Signs, and Exit Signs, to name a few. Tactile (raised) text […]

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ADA Restroom Sign Height / Installation – Where Do They Go?

Federal ADA Sign Installation Requirements: ADA Restroom Signs are required to help those with visual impairments locate the correct restroom. An ADA Sign not only needs Braille and tactile text, but they also need to be mounted in a specific location to be compliant. If you’re in California, there is also a restroom door sign […]