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Help everyone feel comfortable and show your commitment to ensuring that the public has access to full and equal accommodations. All Braille bathroom signs sold online by Alpha Dog ADA Signs are always 100% ADA compliant, meeting both Federal and California ADA requirements while still being easy on your budget.
Alpha Dog’s tactile Braille restroom signs are made from UV stable, lightweight materials suitable for both indoor & outdoor locations. They are perfect for restaurants, hotels, bars, offices, hospitals and government facilities to name a few.
We have 4 standard colors to choose from and 40+ color options if you need a more custom restroom sign. With bulk discounts up to 20% off, you’ll find the signs you want at a great price.
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ADA Braille Bathroom Signs

Bathroom signs identifying the restroom one is about to walk into are essential. Our  ADA Bathroom Signs are 100% ADA Compliant, meeting both Federal and California ADA requirements for public accommodations. This means our product meets accessibility requirements under the Americans Disability Act (ADA) of 1990, which requires restroom facilities to be marked.

Our unique manufacturing process provides excellent durability and speedy production times, from our shop in Northern California into your hands, anywhere in the U.S.A. You can expedite production and shipping to get your orders out as fast as the next business day! Our Lightspeed Production + UPS Next Day Air shipping option is perfect for people who need their signs to meet a next day inspection.

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Confused by the California’s “Bathroom Bill” (2016)? Here’s some background:

California’s Equal Restroom Access Act requires single-occupancy public restrooms to display signs indicating that the restroom is accessible to anyone. A.B. 1732, which Gov. Jerry Brown signed on Sept. 29, 2016, requires these restrooms “to be identified as all-gender toilet facilities” and that the signs used to designate these restrooms comply with Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations.

The signs on single-user restrooms must comply with Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations. This means that each single-user restroom must, at minimum, have the following signage:

·        A door sign with a geometric symbol of a triangle superimposed on a circle.

·        A designation tactile (i.e., capable of being read by touch) wall sign that indicates that the facility is a restroom.

Employers with single-occupancy restrooms on their premises should ensure that the signs on the single-user restrooms are in compliance with Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations. Employers should also take this opportunity to review the Fair Employment and Housing Council’s gender identity regulations .

The California-mandated signs feature two geometric tactile symbols without braille, text, or pictograms—blank signs that California residents learned to identify by sight and feel. These remained in use after the ADA was adopted in 1990, with the state choosing to add the new ADA-standard signage rather than replacing its existing signage requirements.

We know this can be confusing, but we deal with this every day to make sure our customers get the proper ADA Compliant signage needed to pass their final inspections to receive their Certificate of Occupancy.

Let Alpha Dog help you get your ADA signs FAST and easy!