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ADA Braille Girl’s Bathroom Signs

All of our Girl’s Bathroom Signs are 100% ADA Compliant, meeting both Federal and California ADA requirements. And, we always make our tactile Braille sign from UV stable, lightweight materials suitable for both indoor & outdoor locations. Plus, you can choose between 4 standard colors. In addition, with bulk discounts up to 20% off, you’ll be able to find the signs you want at a great price. Not to mention, you get FREE shipping on ALL orders and proudly Made in the USA.

We can help you understand the complex, and often confusing regulations.

If you need girl’s bathroom signs for your school or workplace, we are the signage experts! We guarantee that our signs will pass inspection. Give us a call or email us if you need custom signs. Need something that you don’t see on our website? Click HERE 

According to HRWatch ,there are two signs required to identify a restroom:

  • A sign with the geometric symbol that identifies the restroom as male, female or unisex — the circle for women, the triangle for men, or the triangle superimposed on the circle for unisex. The unisex symbol of the triangle superimposed onto a circle is the only specific indicator required by the California Building Code
  • A wall-mounted designation sign that identifies a permanent room or space to be provided for a toilet facility. This sign must be tactile (can be read by touch) and indicate that the facility is a restroom and whether the restroom is for men, women or unisex. These signs can use pictograms but the Building Code does not require the use of pictograms. While wall signs at restroom doorways may not be strictly required in every situation, hundreds of lawsuits have been filed that claimed lack of such signs. If you are unsure whether you are required to post a wall sign, get appropriate legal advice.